Render Machine: New Order

Upload one stl file for each material, then set the material. Make sure all stl have the same origin. You can upload a maximum of 6 files, up to 35 M per file, with a maximum total file size of 80 M.
Select Scene
Select Camera Vertical Angle
Rotate the object by degrees around the Z axis.
Optional. You can specify a "label" for the order to make it easy to find it on the "My Orders" page.
You need to specify an email address. If you're a new user, an account will be created for you in the system. You'll need to authenticate in order to download the rendered image. If it's a paid order, you'll have to authenticate to make the payment.
If you already have an account, please specify your password. Otherwise you can leave it blank (a password will be generated automatically and sent to you by email).