Render Machine

Welcome to The Render Machine, the first automated render service in the Internet.

If you have already modeled your jewelry, but need sophisticated, high quality renders, check this service out!


+ Material selection among various metals, enamel and plastic colors, glass and stones.
+ Scene selection, including transparent background to composite with the background you prefer.
+ Several options of resolutions, including high resolution images.
+ Free to try, with a watermarked 600x450 image.
+ Select angle of camera and rotation of object.
+ Automatic camera positioning and zoom.

How it works

Just upload your model, separating each material in a different stl file. If you generate the stl files from the same source model they will have the same origin and then match perfectly.
Then select a material for each stl file.
Set up parameters like scene, angles, etc. and then place your order.

We strongly suggest you to test your setup with the free order (watermarked 600x450) before placing a paid order. On the view order page there is a "Clone Order" button where you can easily create a new order without having to upload the files again. Just change the resolution to the one you prefer and then go ahead.

For paid orders, you will be redirected to Paypal where you can pay with your Paypal account balance (if you have one) or a credit card.

Once paid, the order will be placed on a queue to be rendered. When it's ready you will receive an e-mail.

Please note that to make any payment on this site you need to provide some information for tax purposes.


+ Gold
+ White Gold
+ Rose Gold
+ Silver
+ Platinum


+ Diamond
+ Emerald
+ Ruby
+ Blue Sapphire

Enamel and Plastic:

+ Black
+ White
+ Green
+ Blue
+ Red
+ Purple
+ Yellow


How do I get the image

When you create your first order, a user is created for you on the site. The password is sent to you by email. Logging in, you have access to a page to view your orders (click on "View Orders" on the Render Machine widget at the left). When your order is ready, you can download your rendered image directly from the order page (larger resolution files come in a .zip archive).
Finished orders are kept in the system for 7 days. Unpaid orders are kept for 8 hours. After that period, all files for the order are deleted from our servers, including your uploaded stl files.

How long does it take to render

It depends mostly on the size of the image. Small renders may be ready in a few minutes, while for the higher resolutions a render may take hours. If our servers are busy at that time, your order may be kept on queue for a while. On your "My Orders" page you can check when it starts to render (status shows as "Working"). In any case, you will be warned by email when your order finishes.

How much does it cost

Cost depends on image size/resolution. See the table below:

Resolution Price
600x450 Free (with watermark)
640x480 € 1.80
1024x768 € 3.00
1280x720 € 3.40
1920x1080 € 6.40
1776x1184 € 6.40
1754x1240 € 6.80
2480x1754 € 12.00
3508x2480 € 20.00

Volume Discounts

If you want to buy several renders you can benefit from our User Credits program. Once you have a user (created with your first order, even if it's a free one), you can log on with it and buy user credits, which can be used to pay for orders. Each € 10.00 of user credits bought gives you a bonus of €1.00. For example, if you buy € 42.50 you have a bonus of € 4.00. Whenever you have a positive balance of user credits, the site will use it automatically and will not request you to pay for the order.